Roverdive Lamp Holder

Roverdive Lamp Disk

Roverdive is proud to announce its new invention of Roverdive Lamp Holder (patent pending) that changes the traditional way to carry large video light underwater.

Roverdive Lamp Holder Back

Roverdive lamp holder can turn around 360° with positioning at every 10°. It can point the light to any direction with diver's arm as one axil and positioning disk as another.

Lamp Holder With Buoyance

Roverdive lamp holder supports most high power video lamps from 2500lm to 10000lm while not being related to cameras and housings. It is an ideal replacement to the traditional ball joint arm and clamp structure.

Buoyance Test

Being used with video lamps of about 1.5kg, fresh water test proves to be of positive buoyance that means causing no fatigue to diver's arm.

Sample Application

Typical application with Archon D100W 10000 lumen video lamp.

(Lamp Holder Only)

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Archon D100 with Roverdive Lamp Holder

Archon D100W video lamp and Rovdrdive lamp holder, gross weight 2150g, positive buoyance.

Archon D100W

  • Model: D100W underwater video lamp

  • LED Bulb: 100W SWC, max 10000 lumens

  • Color Temperature: 5000K°

  • 3 Output Levels: High (10000 lm )-> middle (4000 lm) -> low (2000 lm)

  • Runtime: high 1.2 hrs, middle 1.5 hrs, low 2 hrs

  • Depth Rating: 100 meters

  • Reflector: without reflector, for underwater photographing only

  • Lens: 8mm polycarbonate

  • Body material: T7075 aluminum alloy

  • Angle of light beam: 120°

  • Battery: 12 * 18650 li-ion batteries pack 4400 mAH with battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection

  • Size: 306mm L * 76mm ( head diameter) * 51mm (body diameter)

  • Weight: 1530 grams (battery included)

  • Operation Instruction: successive switching on-off within two seconds to cycle through high, middle, low.

  • Warranty: 3 years for lamp only (battery pack is not covered by warranty).

(Lamp Holder With Archon D100W)

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Note: Above price includes international courier fees, but the custom duty must be paid by buyer.