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Bifocus Diving Mask

Bifocus ProEar Diving Mask: US$105/piece (Courier Fee Included)

Bifocus/ME80CB (Clear Blue)
Bifocus/ME55BS (Black Silicon)


As ages increase, divers over 50 years old will have problems reading gauges and diving computers. So for aged divers, they need a special lens sticked to the lower part of their diving mask, sometimes it is called "Look Down".  If you or your diving buddies need to use such masks, you can buy directly from our website and pay by PayPal.

Accessories Included:

Mask Pouch MB-07 For ME-80

MB-07 Pouch

Mask Pouch MB-09 For MB-55

MB-09 Pouch

Top Band And Torch Bands
Top Band and Torch Bands

Usage Illustrations
Carrying Torch
Carrying diving torch on the ear cover.

When Not In Use
When not in use, fold the torch bands like this.
Put Torch On

Put diving torch on the ear cover.